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2002 had not been a great year for numerous restaurants. The September 11th attack on the Double Towers actually injured sales.

But as opposed to make reasons, Jeff Mohler of the Marblehead Grille and also Chowder Home in Easton, PA made a decision to take the offensive. He started concentrating on Neighborhood Marketing component means with the first quarter of the year. 2nd quarter outcomes revealed a 24.4% rise over the previous year (after all discount rates), and Third Quarter results showed ongoing growth with 36.2%. But Jeff was locating it very difficult to locate time to manage his advertising as his quantity enhanced. In the 3rd quarter, Jeff installed and began using an automated marketing software program.
In Q4 Jeff revealed a 59.3% increase over October of the previous year. The outcome: Service was up 32% for the year, many thanks to Neighborhood advertising and marketing and software that allowed Jeff to manage his new marketing.


Before the tragedy on September 11, things were drifting along well in 2001 on target for a 5%+ increase. Due to the impact of 9/11, the year ended with only a 1.4% sales increase.

I decided to start right into Direct Action. I located a pail of 3 years of age Access Blanks from our 3rd Wedding anniversary Competition in March 1999, called out concerning 150 January birthdays, made as well as sent a card using a “FREE One-pound Lobster Supper” to those 150 people. We likewise started handing out guest Info Types (GIFs) to gather information from our visitors. By the end of the month we had actually redeemed 28 cards bringing in 90 guests, developed $ 2,335.25 in sales, gathered details amounting to 1800 brand-new individuals for our data source and also published a sales reduction of 4.5%, for January.

Points started to enhance slowly and by the end of the 1st Quarter we had actually worked our back to a 4.4% sales enhance with the data source going beyond 5,000 individuals’s birthdays and also anniversaries. Â

APRIL – JUNE 2002: Â
The Second Quarter really came to be the persuading time for me as we sent out 600, 900 and also 1,000 Birthday celebration cards, retrieved almost 1,000 (near to 40%) and produced $ 48,000 in sales after discounts, a 24.4% rise. We also added Anniversary Cards to our mailing beginning in June with about 500 cards being mailed for the month, 182 retrieved as well as produced over $ 7,500 in added sales. The guest-per- card number was reduced than birthday celebrations. I think people welcome friends in order to help celebrate birthdays however do the wedding anniversary thing mainly as couples.

Data administration ended up being extra made complex as we passed 12,000 entrances. Excel and Mail Merge were taking care of the job and spewing out labels. The cards, currently numbering concerning 300 a week had actually to be labeled, stamped with the expiry date as well as a stamp – a great deal of work, yet worth it. I had checked out concerning numerous software programs as well as bought a (software) package … It arrived in mid-July as we were in the throes of Little League Champion baseball, spending virtually 3 weeks when traveling. Â

The cool things about the dining establishment advertising software application are: 1) publishing the address, birth date as well as expiration date all on the cards at once (you can in fact do the postage at the exact same time likewise, yet I have not gone that much), plus 2) the capacity to log redemptions and also track consumer use. I felt this to be extremely practical as we progress and intend to do more advanced tracking as well as creating of specific Guest Lists.

The 3rd Quarter grew and primarily in my absence ¡ Âwhich really felt good. A 56.8% sales boost moved us to 27.3% after three quarters. I was delighted as well as slowly being convinced this Direct Feedback readied stuff – manageable, quantifiable and rewarding.  Â

The Fourth Quarter created some advertising creative thinking in the feeling that we did not want also many people redeeming cards in December, usually our greatest sales month of the year. We quit sending by mail cards from December 8 – 26, but still finished the month up 24.4%, a nice number however a huge drop from October and also November. We ended the year up 31%.

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